Spirulina process

Spirulina is a cyanobacteria include in micro-algea family. They use the photosynthesis process for growing up.

They live in a small pool inside green house. Spirulina likes tropical climate, water (of course), with a little bit of salt, ph : 10, mineraux, oligo-element, nutrigena and carbon. The season in the south of france starts in may and ends in october. Spirulina needs light, agitation and heat (around 30° in the water).


The production is very simple, start at 6 am.

1) I filter the water

2) I dehydrate the biomass

3) I dry the spirulina around 40°/42° degrés during 6 hours.  

At 6pm, the spirulina is ready to be eaten.


The process of spirulina is always organic, without pesticide treatment. I use the fresh water moutain.

Spirulina French Riviera
Spirulina French Riviera Farm