Spirulina for Whom?


Fed up with junk Food ?



Want energy ?

Working-Age Adults

Fatigue blow


Increase resistance to effort?

Benefits and Recommendations

Spirulina can offer you various benefits depending on your shortcomings.

regime equilibre

Balance your Body

 Fill gaps and detoxify


Lutte contre les maladies

Stimulate your immune system

 Effective against Anemia


Bien manger pour Bien vieillir : Comestofood

Food & Cosmetic
 Protect skin and eye

Strengthen nails and hair

Antioxidant and cellular longevity

Dormir comme un bebe

Regulate sleep cycle

 Decrease anxiety

Optimize cognition

Etre plus performant

Optimize your métabolism

 A concentrate of vitality


 Slimness Partner

Trigger satiety sensation

 Remove fatigue linked to diet

According to your goal the treatment quantity vary


Discovery treatment


Increase slowly the intake amount to avoid slight side effect (laxative effects, bloating)



Beginning of treatment


In the morning take a half of teaspoon with a source of vitamin C.

Put the spoon in the mouth (without chewing) and swallow with a juice of your choice


Then increase the amount from half spoon every three days up to 10 g.


Maintain 10 g  (one full tablespoon) for 7 days and then go down between 3 and 5 g.

Keep taking between 3 and 5 g for the rest of the treatment. You may adjust the quantities according to your daily activity


When starting few days may be necessary to get used to spirulina texture in mouth.


Duration of the discovery treatment


Spirulina has various effects depending on the deficiencies inherent to eating habits, thus start with 300g over 2 or 3 months. Respect quantities and times for better treatement.

Thereafter, spirulina can be integrated into your diet as follows:

  • Daily
  • By seasonal treatment in spring and autumn
  • as you wish

When intense activity is required or as a diet partner


In addition to 3 to 5 g taken before, add 3 to 5g in the bottle of water  with lemon or squeezed half-lemon 


Spirulina will melt and make the lemon juice thicker. 


Satiety effects, you can therefore push the mealtime, lower your nutritionnal needs and/or extend your activity.


Drink the full bottle before 3 pm to avoid affecting your sleep


Should not been taken when...


  • Hemocromatosis
  • Organ transplant
  • Chronic Renal Failure (CKD) ... presence of potassium
  • Phenylketonuria
  • Interaction with over drugs : Treatment with Anti-Vitamin K (previscan)

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